Special Education in Indianapolis: A Wealth of Resources for Student Success

Special Education Resources in Indianapolis

Indianapolis offers a robust range of services and programs to support students with disabilities, empowering them to reach their full potential. Through coordinated efforts across various organizations, parents and educators have access to a comprehensive set of resources to ensure students with special needs thrive academically, socially, and emotionally.

Indiana Department of Education Leads the Charge

The Indiana Department of Education (IDOE) plays a pivotal role in providing resources, best practices, and critical services related to special education in Indianapolis and across the state.

IDOE Special Education Webpage and Directory

The IDOE Special Education webpage serves as an invaluable resource hub, offering:

  • The Indiana Special Education Directory – A centralized directory outlining special education services and programs offered in Indianapolis schools
  • Policies, guidelines and best practices about special education
  • Information on local support services and agencies serving students with disabilities

Key features like the directory help parents and educators easily explore options to make the right decisions for students.

Early Childhood Special Education Resources

Through the Early Childhood Special Education webpage, the IDOE provides specialized resources for young children including:

  • A process flow chart clarifying the key steps involved
  • Professional development through online courses (Moodle)

These offerings ensure young children receive necessary support and accessibility from an early age.

Secure Access Portal

The IDOE Link Portal allows authorized staff secure access to critical resources and systems enabling efficient coordination and delivery of special education services in Indianapolis.

State Board of Education Rules and Regulations

The Indiana State Board of Education Special Education Rules establish official guidelines and standards for special education programs in Indianapolis. By adhering to Article 7 Rules 32-49, schools can foster inclusive environments that meet diverse student needs.

Collaborating Organizations Enhance Support

Alongside the IDOE, several nonprofits and agencies help enhance special education services in Indianapolis:

  • Indiana Resource Network: Professional development, technical assistance, and networking for educators
  • IEP Technical Assistance Center: Workshops, training, and resources related to IEP development
  • PATINS: Assistive technology solutions and resources for parents and educators

These organizations form a comprehensive support network for schools, parents, and students with disabilities.

Safeguarding Student Rights

By providing resources like the Notice of Procedural Safeguards and Parent Rights in Special Education, the IDOE empowers parents to understand their rights and advocate for their children in the special education process.

Alternative Education Opportunities

For students needing more intensive, specialized support, Indianapolis offers tailored alternative education programs including:

  • Homebound instruction
  • Accessibility and accommodations
  • Programs for intensive intervention

These small-group settings allow personalized attention and interventions based on individual student needs.

Special Education Advocacy Groups

Indianapolis benefits from several advocacy groups that empower and support families of children with disabilities. These organizations play a vital role in ensuring rights are protected, needs are met, and students have access to high-quality education.

The Arc of Indiana

The Arc of Indiana advocates for the rights of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Key offerings include:

  • Information, training, and resources for families
  • Public policy advocacy at the state and national levels
  • Chapters across Indiana provide local support and services

By partnering with The Arc of Indiana, families gain valuable guidance to secure appropriate assistance and accommodations.

About Special Kids (ASK)

ASK helps families caring for children with special needs access resources and support. They provide:

  • One-on-one family support to identify needs
  • Education advocacy training for parents
  • Workshops on topics like IEPs and transition planning

These services prepare and empower families to advocate effectively for their children.

Indiana Disability Rights

This organization upholds the legal rights of individuals with disabilities. They offer services like:

  • Investigating abuse and rights violations
  • Legal assistance and representation
  • Training on disability rights laws

Families can turn to Indiana Disability Rights to protect the educational interests of children with special needs.

These advocacy groups enhance special education in Indianapolis by equipping families with information and resources to secure the appropriate services and environment where their children can excel.


The wealth of resources provided by the IDOE and its partners ensures Indianapolis offers exceptional special education services that empower students with disabilities to thrive. With information portals, guidelines, advocacy groups, and alternative programs, schools and parents can collaborate to foster inclusive environments where every student succeeds.

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