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Indianapolis Educational Nonprofits

In Indianapolis, there are several education-based organizations that are making a significant impact on the lives of students and teachers. These nonprofits are dedicated to improving the quality of education in the city and empowering individuals to thrive academically. By supporting these Indianapolis educational nonprofits, you can contribute to the betterment of the local education system and create opportunities for success.

Key Takeaways:

  • Teach Indy recruits and develops great educators for Indianapolis schools.
  • EmpowerED Families supports parents and builds family power.
  • The Center for Innovative Education Solutions provides operational and financial services to schools.
  • Enroll Indy operates a unified enrollment system for families.
  • FosterEd connects foster children with education advocates.

Teach Indy: Elevating Local Teachers

Teach Indy is a local nonprofit organization that is dedicated to recruiting, developing, rewarding, and retaining exceptional educators for schools in Indianapolis. Their mission is to elevate the voices and work of local teachers through various initiatives such as events, blogs, and more.

Previously managed by The Mind Trust, Indianapolis Public Schools, and the Mayor’s Office of Education Innovation, Teach Indy became an independent nonprofit in 2022, allowing them to further focus on empowering and supporting teachers in the Indianapolis community.

Teach Indy recognizes the vital role that teachers play in shaping the education landscape and strives to provide them with the resources, opportunities, and recognition they deserve. Through their efforts, they aim to create a thriving educational ecosystem in Indianapolis, where every student has access to high-quality education.

Supporting Local Teachers

Teach Indy believes that great teachers are the foundation for strong schools and successful students. They actively seek out passionate individuals who are committed to making a difference in the lives of students and provide them with the support and guidance needed to thrive in their chosen profession.

By recognizing and celebrating the hard work and dedication of local teachers, Teach Indy aims to attract top talent to the teaching profession and ensure that every student in Indianapolis has access to excellent educators.

Events and Initiatives

Teach Indy organizes various events and initiatives throughout the year to bring teachers together, foster collaboration, and provide professional development opportunities. These events serve as platforms for educators to share best practices, learn from one another, and strengthen their skills.

  • Teacher Appreciation Week: An annual celebration to honor and recognize the contributions of teachers in the community.
  • Professional Development Workshops: Engaging workshops designed to enhance teaching techniques and strategies.
  • Mentorship Programs: Pairing experienced educators with new teachers to provide guidance and support.
  • Teacher Leadership Programs: Empowering teachers to take on leadership roles within their schools and districts.

Through these events and initiatives, Teach Indy strives to create a network of highly skilled and motivated teachers who can inspire and empower their students.

EmpowerED Families: Strengthening Parent Power

EmpowerED Families, founded in 2019 by Ashley Virden, is a nonprofit organization dedicated to building family power and amplifying the strengths of parents. The organization’s primary focus is on empowering parents to become advocates for their children’s education and providing them with the necessary support.

At EmpowerED Families, we believe that when parents are engaged and empowered, they play a crucial role in shaping their children’s educational journey. We understand the importance of strong parent-school partnerships and work towards fostering positive relationships between families and schools.

The Power of Parent Advocacy

EmpowerED Families believes in the power of parent advocacy to drive positive change in education. We provide parents with the tools, resources, and training needed to advocate for their children effectively.

  • Workshops and training sessions on parent advocacy
  • Guidance on navigating the education system
  • Support in understanding and utilizing educational resources
  • Opportunities for parents to network and share their experiences

Through our programs and initiatives, EmpowerED Families aims to empower parents to navigate the complexities of the education system, make informed decisions, and actively participate in their children’s education.

Supportive Community

EmpowerED Families understands the importance of a supportive community in empowering parents. We offer a safe and inclusive space where parents can build relationships, engage in meaningful conversations, and share their stories.

Our community events and initiatives aim to create a sense of belonging, foster connections between families, and provide a platform for parents to learn from one another.

Programs and Services

EmpowerED Families provides a range of programs and services that cater to the diverse needs of parents:

  • Parent education workshops and trainings
  • One-on-one parent coaching
  • Parent-led support groups
  • Advocacy training and resources
Program Description
Parent Education Workshops and Trainings Interactive workshops and trainings on various topics related to education and advocacy
One-on-One Parent Coaching Personalized coaching sessions to support parents in navigating the education system
Parent-Led Support Groups Safe and supportive spaces for parents to connect, share experiences, and learn from each other
Advocacy Training and Resources Resources and support to help parents effectively advocate for their children’s education

Center for Innovative Education Solutions: Providing School Services

The Center for Innovative Education Solutions is a nonprofit school services center based in Indianapolis. Established in 2018 by David Rosenberg and Brian Anderson, the organization is committed to supporting schools in Indianapolis by providing access to high-quality, cost-effective operational, financial, and state reporting services.

Services Offered by the Center for Innovative Education Solutions

The Center for Innovative Education Solutions offers a range of services to help schools streamline their operations and improve overall efficiency. These services include:

  • Operational Support: The Center provides assistance with various operational aspects, such as technology integration, transportation logistics, facilities management, and procurement processes. By leveraging their expertise, they help schools optimize their day-to-day operations.
  • Financial Management: With their financial management services, the Center assists schools in budgeting, financial planning, and financial reporting. They work closely with school leaders to ensure fiscal responsibility and transparency.
  • State Reporting: The Center helps schools meet state reporting requirements by providing guidance on data collection, analysis, and reporting. They ensure compliance with state regulations and help schools leverage data to drive decision-making and improve student outcomes.

The Center for Innovative Education Solutions is dedicated to helping schools navigate complex administrative challenges so that educators can focus on delivering high-quality education to students.

Services Description
Operational Support Assistance with technology integration, transportation logistics, facilities management, and procurement processes.
Financial Management Support with budgeting, financial planning, and financial reporting to ensure fiscal responsibility and transparency.
State Reporting Guidance on data collection, analysis, and reporting to meet state reporting requirements and drive decision-making.

Enroll Indy: A Unified Enrollment System

Enroll Indy is a nonprofit organization that operates a unified enrollment system in Indianapolis. The system aims to simplify the school selection process for families by providing comprehensive information and assistance.

Founded in 2015 by Caitlin Hannon, a former Indianapolis Public Schools (IPS) teacher and elected IPS board member, Enroll Indy is dedicated to ensuring that all students have access to quality education options.

The unified enrollment system offered by Enroll Indy streamlines the enrollment process by allowing families to submit one application for multiple schools. This eliminates the need for separate applications and paperwork, saving parents time and effort.

Enroll Indy provides families with important information about available schools, such as academic programs, extracurricular activities, and student support services. This helps parents make informed decisions about the best educational fit for their children.

Through its personalized support, Enroll Indy assists families in navigating the enrollment process, answering questions, and addressing concerns. The organization is committed to ensuring equitable access to education for all students in Indianapolis.

Benefits of Enroll Indy:
Streamlines school enrollment process
Provides comprehensive information about schools
Offers personalized support to families
Promotes equitable access to education

Enroll Indy’s unified enrollment system has transformed the way families in Indianapolis navigate the school selection process. By centralizing the application and enrollment procedures, Enroll Indy empowers parents to make informed decisions and ensure their children have access to quality education.

FosterEd: Supporting Foster Children’s Education

FosterEd is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting foster children and their education. By connecting foster children with education advocates, FosterEd provides them with the necessary support to thrive academically, emotionally, and personally. These education advocates work closely with caseworkers and foster parents to ensure that foster children receive the resources and interventions needed to improve their school performance.

FosterEd launched in Indianapolis in 2010 under the leadership of Jesse Hahnel. Since then, the organization has been instrumental in bridging the gap between foster care and education, fostering a brighter future for these vulnerable children.

How FosterEd Makes a Difference

FosterEd’s approach is comprehensive, focusing on the unique needs of foster children and addressing the challenges they face in their educational journey. Through personalized advocacy, FosterEd helps foster children navigate the complexities of the education system and access the resources they need to succeed.

Here’s how FosterEd supports foster children’s education:

  • Education Advocacy: FosterEd provides one-on-one advocacy services, ensuring that foster children have a voice in educational decision-making processes.
  • Training and Support: The organization offers training programs for caseworkers and foster parents, equipping them with the knowledge and skills to advocate effectively for foster children’s educational needs.
  • Interventions: FosterEd intervenes with targeted remedies, such as tutoring, mentoring, and counseling, to address academic challenges and support the holistic development of foster children.

FosterEd’s work plays a crucial role in breaking the cycle of educational instability that often accompanies foster care. By empowering foster children with the support they need to succeed academically, FosterEd opens doors of opportunity and helps them build a solid foundation for a brighter future.

Impact of FosterEd

Key Milestones Impact
Expansion to Other States By 2021, FosterEd expanded its services to multiple states, reaching a broader population of foster children and making a significant impact on their educational outcomes.
Evidence of Success Studies have shown that foster children supported by FosterEd are more likely to graduate high school, pursue higher education, and achieve greater stability in their lives.
Community Collaboration FosterEd collaborates with schools, child welfare agencies, and community organizations to create a network of support for foster children, fostering a culture of care and inclusivity.

Through its dedication to supporting foster children’s education, FosterEd continues to make a lasting impact on the lives of these vulnerable children, empowering them to overcome adversity and thrive academically.

Global Citizen Year: International Apprenticeships for Emerging Leaders

Global Citizen Year is an organization that offers a unique opportunity for emerging leaders to gain practical experience and make a positive impact in the world. Through their program, participants spend a “bridge year” between high school and college working as apprentices in NGOs in developing nations. This immersive experience allows young individuals to develop a global mindset, build cultural competency, and acquire valuable skills that will serve them throughout their lives.

The Global Citizen Year program is designed to recruit, train, and support a diverse corps of future leaders who are passionate about driving positive change. Participants work on meaningful projects in areas such as education, healthcare, environmental conservation, and community development. They collaborate with local communities, learn from local leaders, and contribute to sustainable solutions.

By participating in Global Citizen Year, young people not only gain practical skills and global perspectives but also develop a deep understanding of the interconnectedness of the world and their role in creating social change. They become advocates for global issues and bring their learnings back to their communities, inspiring others to become global citizens.

Benefits of Global Citizen Year:

  • Opportunity to make a positive impact in developing nations
  • Hands-on experience working with NGOs
  • Development of cultural competency and global mindset
  • Acquisition of valuable skills for future success
  • Networking and collaboration with like-minded individuals
  • Enhancement of personal growth and self-awareness
Year Founded Founder Focus Areas
2009 Abigail Falik
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Environmental Conservation
  • Community Development

Seton Education Partners: Guiding Catholic School Conversions

Seton Education Partners is a leading organization that specializes in providing guidance and technical assistance to Catholic parishes, dioceses, and independent religious orders in Indianapolis. Their mission is to support the transformation of Catholic schools through strategies such as leasing space to public charter schools or converting existing Catholic schools into public charter schools.

Under the leadership of Stephanie Saroki, Seton Education Partners has been instrumental in bringing about positive change in the educational landscape of Indianapolis. By partnering with Catholic institutions, they help create innovative educational opportunities that benefit both students and communities.

The Benefits of Catholic School Conversions

Converting Catholic schools into public charter schools offers numerous advantages, including:

  • Increased access to high-quality education for a wider range of students
  • Expanded educational options within the community
  • Integration of successful Catholic education practices with the flexibility and autonomy of public charter schools
  • Preserving the mission and values of Catholic education while providing a financially sustainable model

With their expertise and experience, Seton Education Partners ensures a smooth transition for both the Catholic institutions and the students they serve. They provide comprehensive support throughout the conversion process, including:

  1. Assessing the viability and suitability of converting a Catholic school into a public charter school
  2. Developing a strategic plan to align the school’s mission with the requirements of a public charter school
  3. Assisting with the legal and logistical aspects of the conversion
  4. Providing ongoing support for curriculum development, teacher training, and student enrollment

Success Stories

Seton Education Partners has successfully guided several Catholic school conversions in Indianapolis, resulting in improved educational opportunities for students. One notable success story is the transformation of St. Anthony School into a public charter school, now known as Seton Catholic School.

Through this conversion, Seton Catholic School has been able to preserve its rich Catholic heritage while offering a rigorous academic program that meets the needs of a diverse student population. The school continues to prioritize the values and teachings of the Catholic faith while providing an inclusive and academically rigorous education.

Catholic School Year of Conversion
St. Anthony School 2016
St. Joseph Catholic School 2018
Our Lady of Lourdes School 2020

Summer Advantage USA: Boosting Student Achievement

Summer Advantage USA is a nonprofit organization that has been making a significant impact on Indiana students’ academic performance since its launch in Indianapolis in 2009. Through their innovative programs, they have helped students gain an average of three months in reading skills and two months in math skills during the summer break.

The initiative was founded by Earl Martin Phalen, a Harvard Law School graduate who has dedicated his career to improving educational opportunities for children. Earl co-founded Building Educated Leaders for Life (BELL) and developed out-of-school programs in urban communities.

Summer Advantage USA’s focus on summer learning is crucial in preventing learning loss that often occurs during the break. Their evidence-based curriculum, trained educators, and engaging activities ensure that students not only maintain their existing skills but also make significant progress in key academic areas.


What is Teach Indy?

Teach Indy is a local nonprofit organization that works to recruit, develop, reward, and retain great educators for Indianapolis schools. They promote the voices and work of local teachers through various events and initiatives.

Who is the founder of EmpowerED Families?

Ashley Virden founded EmpowerED Families in 2019 with the goal of building family power and supporting parents in advocating for their children’s education.

What services does the Center for Innovative Education Solutions provide?

The Center for Innovative Education Solutions offers schools in Indianapolis operational, financial, and state reporting services to help improve their efficiency and effectiveness.

What is the role of Enroll Indy?

Enroll Indy is a nonprofit organization that operates a unified enrollment system in Indianapolis. Their system provides information and assistance to families to navigate the school selection process.

What is the mission of FosterEd?

FosterEd is a nonprofit organization that connects foster children with education advocates who provide support, training for caseworkers and foster parents, and interventions to improve their school performance.

What does Global Citizen Year offer?

Global Citizen Year recruits and supports emerging leaders for apprenticeships in NGOs in developing nations during a “bridge year” between high school and college.

What is the purpose of Seton Education Partners?

Seton Education Partners provides guidance and assistance to Catholic institutions on leasing space to public charter schools or converting existing Catholic schools into public charter schools.

How does Summer Advantage USA help students?

Summer Advantage USA offers programs that help students improve their reading and math skills, resulting in positive academic gains.

What does Teach Plus do?

Teach Plus trains teachers to become education-policy advocates and supports them in making a positive impact on education policy decisions.

What is the mission of The Expectations Project?

The Expectations Project mobilizes people of faith to advocate for high-quality education and narrowing the achievement gap.

What initiatives have been launched by national nonprofits in Indianapolis?

National nonprofits such as Surge Academy, Relay Graduate School of Education, Stand for Children, Teach For America, and TNTP have all launched initiatives in Indianapolis to address various educational challenges and promote positive change.

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