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Best Hoosier Pie Spots in Indianapolis

Hoosier Pie in Indianapolis

When it comes to indulging in a delightful slice of Hoosier Pie in Indianapolis, you’re in for a treat. Whether you’re a local craving a taste of home or a visitor eager to experience the iconic dessert of Indiana, this city has some of the best spots to satisfy your Hoosier Pie cravings.

Hoosier Pie, also known as sugar cream pie, holds a special place in the hearts of Hoosiers and has become a beloved tradition in the state. Made with a combination of granulated and brown sugar, heavy cream, and a hint of vanilla, this creamy and sweet pie is a delightful explosion of flavor.

So, where can you find the best Hoosier Pie in Indianapolis? Let’s explore some of the top spots that will make your taste buds dance with joy.

Key Takeaways:

  • Hoosier Pie, also known as sugar cream pie, is a beloved traditional dessert in Indiana.
  • Indianapolis has several establishments that serve delicious Hoosier Pie.
  • Hoosier Pie is made with a combination of granulated and brown sugar, heavy cream, salt, and vanilla extract.
  • Wick’s Pies and My Sugar Pie are renowned for their high-quality Hoosier Pies in Indianapolis.
  • Other noteworthy spots include Grindstone Charley’s, Shapiro’s, and Ralph’s Great Divide.

The History of Hoosier Pie

The origins of Traditional Hoosier Pie are a subject of debate, but it is believed to have been created by either the Shakers or the Quakers who settled in Indiana in the early 19th century. The first known recipe for sugar cream pie was published in The Hoosier Cookbook in 1816. This simple yet delicious pie gained popularity during the Great Depression due to its affordable ingredients.

Today, Hoosier Pie is considered a quintessential Indiana dessert and is often made with a combination of granulated and brown sugar, heavy cream, salt, and vanilla extract. The creamy filling and flaky crust make it a favorite among locals and visitors alike. Whether you enjoy it warm or chilled, Hoosier Pie is a true taste of Indiana tradition.

Where to Find Hoosier Pie in Indianapolis

If you’re craving a slice of Hoosier Pie in Indianapolis, there are several places where you can satisfy your sweet tooth.

Grindstone Charley’s is a popular restaurant and bar that imports their Hoosier Pie from the renowned My Sugar Pie bakery.

Another recommended spot is Wick’s Pies, located in Winchester but offering national delivery.

Locally Grown Gardens, Das Dutchman Essenhaus, and Gray Brothers Cafeteria also serve delicious versions of Hoosier Pie.

Additionally, the Indiana Food Byways has developed a Hoosier Pie Trail that takes you to 24 cafes across the state known for their sugar cream pie.

Looking for Hoosier Pie in Indianapolis? Look no further. Whether you prefer to enjoy it at a restaurant, order it for delivery, or embark on a pie trail adventure, there are plenty of options available. Indulge in a slice of this classic Indiana dessert and let the creamy sweetness melt in your mouth.

The Best Hoosier Pie in Indianapolis

When it comes to finding the best Hoosier Pie in Indianapolis, two establishments stand out: Wick’s Pies and My Sugar Pie. These bakeries have gained a reputation for their delicious homemade creations and commitment to preserving the tradition of Hoosier Pie.

Wick’s Pies, located in Winchester, is known for producing over 750,000 sugar cream pies annually. They take pride in using high-quality ingredients and an authentic recipe that has been passed down through generations. To give visitors a unique experience, Wick’s Pies offers factory tours where you can witness the pie-making process firsthand. Seeing the dedication and craftsmanship that goes into each pie adds an extra layer of appreciation when you finally take a bite.

On the other hand, My Sugar Pie has earned national recognition for their delectable homemade pies. As featured in People Magazine and Oprah, their sugar cream pie is a customer favorite. This family-owned bakery takes great care in crafting each pie, ensuring that every bite is filled with rich, creamy goodness. From the flaky crust to the velvety filling, their Hoosier Pie is a true delight for the taste buds.

Customer Reviews

“Wick’s Pies is hands down the best place for Hoosier Pie in Indianapolis. The factory tour was so interesting, and the pie was absolutely delicious!” – Sarah D.

“I couldn’t resist trying the Hoosier Pie at My Sugar Pie, and it definitely lived up to the hype. The homemade flavor was outstanding!” – Michael G.

Price Comparison

Bakery Price per slice Price per whole pie
Wick’s Pies $4.99 $16.99
My Sugar Pie $5.99 $19.99

As seen in the table above, Wick’s Pies offers a slightly lower price per slice and whole pie compared to My Sugar Pie. However, both bakeries provide exceptional value for the quality and taste of their Hoosier Pies.

Whether you choose to visit Wick’s Pies or My Sugar Pie, you’re in for a treat. These renowned bakeries in Indianapolis will satisfy your craving for a homemade Hoosier Pie like no other. So, indulge in a slice of this iconic Indiana dessert and experience the true essence of Hoosier hospitality.

Other Noteworthy Hoosier Pie Spots

In addition to the top contenders, there are several other places in Indianapolis where you can find delicious Hoosier Pie. Enjoying a slice of this classic dessert is a must when you’re in the city. Here are some other noteworthy spots to satisfy your Hoosier Pie cravings:

Grindstone Charley’s

Grindstone Charley’s is a beloved restaurant and bar in Indianapolis that offers a delectable Hoosier Pie. Their version of the sugar cream pie is rich, creamy, and perfectly sweet. Indulge in a slice of Hoosier Pie while enjoying the friendly atmosphere at Grindstone Charley’s.


If you’re looking for a taste of Hoosier Pie with a touch of Jewish deli charm, Shapiro’s is the place to go. This iconic Indianapolis eatery has been serving authentic, homemade Jewish deli fare, including a delightful sugar cream pie. Treat yourself to a slice and experience the best of both worlds.

Ralph’s Great Divide

Ralph’s Great Divide is a local favorite for Hoosier Pie enthusiasts. Known for their mouthwatering pies and decadent desserts, Ralph’s Great Divide offers a heavenly sugar cream pie that will leave you craving for more. Visit this charming spot and savor their delightful take on this Indiana classic.

Locally Grown Gardens

Locally Grown Gardens is a unique market and cafe that caters to the local community in Indianapolis. Alongside fresh produce and artisanal goods, they also serve a scrumptious Hoosier Pie. Stop by Locally Grown Gardens to enjoy a slice of pie made with love and locally sourced ingredients.

Das Dutchman Essenhaus

For a taste of Amish-style Hoosier Pie, head over to Das Dutchman Essenhaus in Indianapolis. This charming restaurant offers a variety of traditional Amish dishes, with their sugar cream pie being a standout. Experience the flavors of the Amish community while savoring a slice of delicious Hoosier Pie.

Gray Brothers Cafeteria

No journey through the Hoosier Pie scene in Indianapolis would be complete without a visit to Gray Brothers Cafeteria. This legendary establishment has been serving up homestyle meals and mouthwatering desserts for over 70 years. Indulge in their classic Hoosier Pie and taste the history and tradition that Gray Brothers Cafeteria has to offer.

No matter which spot you choose, these other noteworthy places in Indianapolis will surely satisfy your Hoosier Pie cravings. Each establishment brings its own unique twist to this beloved dessert, ensuring a delightful experience for all pie enthusiasts.


Hoosier Pie is truly a dessert that captures the heart and taste buds of Indianapolis. With an abundance of options ranging from famous bakeries like Wick’s Pies and My Sugar Pie to local gems like Grindstone Charley’s and Gray Brothers Cafeteria, there is something for every Hoosier Pie lover in this city.

Whether you’re a fan of the traditional recipe, with its perfectly balanced combination of sugar, cream, and vanilla, or you’re open to trying a unique twist on the classic, Indianapolis offers a wide variety of flavors and styles to explore.

Next time you find yourself in Indianapolis, don’t miss the opportunity to indulge in a slice of this iconic Indiana dessert. Whether you’re strolling through the charming streets, exploring local eateries, or simply looking for a sweet treat, Hoosier Pie is a must-try experience that will leave you craving more.

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